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Educational Consultant

As an educational consultant, it is not unusual for me to work with your child’s school, no matter what stage they are in the educational ladder.

Dr. Kothari has many years of experience working with pre-schools, day care centers, elementary and high school teachers, counselors, and principles, as well as extensive knowledge of the admissions, counseling, and educational process and practices for the college education experience. Managing transitions in moving between grades and between schools is a common challenge that occurs for children. Such transitional stages serve as markers for problems in the child’s development. An example, the transition from high school to college, where there are numerous challenges for the student that have to do with autonomy, goal-setting, self-directing their own behavior, minimal monitoring of behavior, financial responsibility, academic responsibility, selecting appropriate course work, class attendance, managing pressures, and use of alcohol and drugs on college campuses. It is not unusual for young adults to have difficulty making the transition and PsychotherapyWorks can step in as these problems are emerging to help locate where the problems in development are set, strengthen these areas, help focus the strengths and self-confidence that are natural allies for academic success and healthy peer relationships.

Dr. Kothari has worked for many years with educators, counselors, and school administrators in numerous counties in Virginia and Maryland and is well respected by professionals and families for the work he has done to advocate for the rights of children, as well as the right direction for the appropriate development of children into healthy and happy adults. As a parent to two children, one who is a college graduate, he has many years of personal experience that sensitizes him to the complex ways that families are impacted by their children’s experience in the many stages of the educational ladder.

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